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Michigan Kindergartner's Idea to Brighten Halloween for Sick Kids

When October rolls around most kids are thinking about candy and costumes, but not 5 year old, Riley Rudolph, reports MyFoxDetroit.

While painting a pumpkin one day, the Michigan kindergartner asked her parents if kids at the hospital were able to celebrate Halloween. 

Not satisfied with the answer her mother gave her, Riley and her parents decided to decorate pumpkins for children at DMC Children's Hospital.

But they needed some help, and they got that help from Riley's classmates at St. Sebastian.

"To think that my child at this age not only thought of herself  but she was actually thinking about people she may never know, may never get to talk to, but she's touching them in a way that's so precious at this time of the year," said her mom, Contessa Rudolph.

The project, now called "Riely's No-Carve Pumpkin Creations" will be sure to help kids at DMC Children's Hospital get into the Halloween spirit.

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