Can Her Wish Come True?

A 10-year-old little girl in Vienna, VA lost her older brother and best friend last month after he was swept away by flood waters while playing with friends in the neighborhood.

Tim and Anna Donaldson can't bring back their 12-year-old son Jack, but they hope to help his grieving sister Margaret, by granting her one wish - a private concert with Justin Bieber.

"We can't take the sadness away, but we can give her a reason to dance" said Liz Whiston-Dean, Margaret's aunt.

Winston-Dean started a Twitter handle!/JBLiftMargaret to help bring awareness to Margaret's wish. There is even a Facebook page "Help Margaret Meet Justin Bieber" which has been liked by more than 1,000 fans.

Anna Donaldson has written about her son's death on her blog "An Inch of Gray" and has thanked fans for their support.

Bieber is currently following the!/JBLiftMargaret Twitter handle but there is still no word if he'll grant her wish.

The family is hoping with more support from the public, Bieber will agree to meet with her.