Wednesday October 26, 2011 Happening Now

The President scheduled to give a speech on college affordability and his student loan moves today at 12:45 in Denver at the University of Colorado.

At 10am the so-called super committee holds a hearing with CBO Director to testify. We may be able to mine this for some good nuggets. Remember that deadline for the super committee is quickly approaching!

Also at 10am the House holds a joint committee hearing on Iranian terror operations.. Again.. might be worth mining for sound.

Police cracking down on Occupy protests in Oakland and in Atlanta. Rick Folbaum will wrap.

A new study suggests caffeine may help ward off skin cancer... might add an A-teamer on this in the 12.

AP reporting Afghan security forces will start replacing U.S. and NATO forces in all or parts of 17 of the nation's 34 provinces. I think it might be worth adding a guest on this in the 12.

At 11:45, the manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray resumes in Los Angeles. Might be worth getting a legal panel involved.

Boeing's first 787 "Dreamliner" commercial flight lands in Hong Kong.. cool pix!

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