Monday October 24, 2011 Happening Now

Lots going on today..

President heads to Las Vegas and Southern California to push his jobs act and do some fundraising.

Big day in New Hampshire where at 9:30 Mitt Romney files as a candidate for the NH Presidential Primary.. Carl Cameron takes a look at just how important NH is to the campaign.. it still hasn't set its primary date.

A new survey by the National Assoc for Business Economists shows nearly 85% believe the economy will grow at a meager 2% or less for the next year. In July only 23% predicted such slow growth.

More than 250 are dead in an earthquake in Turkey.. the death toll is expected to climb though 4 were rescued from a collapsed building today.

200 Afghan terrorists killed in 2 military operations in eastern Afghanistan.. this as the Afghan leader says Afghanistan would side with *Pakistan* in a war between Pakistan and the U.S.!?!

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is making some pretty big headlines. He's on an Asia trip and tells the Japanese that North Korea and China are a big problem. As U.S. and N Korean officials gather in Geneva to test North Korea's commitment to disarming its nukes, Panetta lashing out for what he calls reckless and provocative acts." He also slams China for a secretive military buildup and increasingly "aggressive" tactics in Asia.

This comes along with a front page story in the NY Times suggesting Panetta is freaking out over the possibility of deep cuts to the Pentagon if a bipartisan congressional committee can't decide on a compromise over spending.

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