Friday October 21, 2011 Happening Now

The world reacting to the violent end of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi. NATO meeting today to discuss the end of operations over there. Lots of questions today about what's next for Libya.

Hillary Clinton taking a very tough stance against Pakistan for its role in violence against U.S. troops in Afghanistan and its support of the Taliban and the Haqqani network. But she's also saying this morning, that the U.S. cannot walk away from Pakistan.. Just the fact that she is there in person speaks volumes about how seriously the White House is taking this issue. We'll ask Christian Whiton about this fraught relationship today.

Last night the Senate rejected pieces of the President's jobs plan. Expect more votes. The President will clearly use this as ammunition for campaign 2012.

A new study on cancer finds *no* link between cell phones and cancer.. maybe BND.

There's likely to be action in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial against Conrad Murray today. Defense attorneys could get to challenge a key prosecution witness.

Steve Jobs may have been able to beat his cancer if he'd listened to his doctors. 60 Minutes will report the news this Sunday. Might be worth a BND (if we can use the sound)

Keep an eye on Greece today where more strikes and protests are likely.

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