Thursday October 20, 2011 Happening Now

All those missing animals freed from their cages in Ohio are now accounted for... now come the questions about just how many people own wild animals around the nation.. (and why?!)

Libyan fighters say they've finally overrun and captured Qaddafi's hometown of Sirte.

Keep an eye on Iraq and Turkey today.. that border has been extremely violent in the past few days.

Speaking of violence, Greece is at a standstill and the crowds are getting very violent.. This comes as the Greek parliament is about to take another austerity vote.

And Steve Harrigan takes a look at a surge in violence in one of Mexico's most prosperous cities - Monterrey - where more than 30 people have been murdered in just the past week..

VP Biden coming under some fire over comments he made about the loss of police and firefighter jobs.. he's speaking live at 11:45 in Plymouth, NH.

Nothing for us on the President's schedule today (so far)

We get weekly jobless numbers today.. keep an eye on markets

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