Wednesday October 19, 2011 Happening Now

Lions and Tigers and Bears.. oh my!

Police are warning people in east-central Ohio to stay in their homes, and closing schools. They are now hunting down dozens of wild animals including cheetahs, bears, lions, wolves, giraffes and camels. A man with a long police record who had a wild animal preserve was found dead.

A fiery debate last night in Las Vegas! Mitt Romney and Rick Perry sparring over immigration in a debate that had lots of fireworks. Herman Cain attempted to defend his "999" plan. It was the last debate for a month.

President Obama gave an interview to ABC News attacking Cain's economic plan saying it would raise taxes on the middle class and poor people. He also says he's in for a tough reelection fight.

Super-committee meets with the Gang of Six today at 9am.. That might be interesting.

Police will search the home of the parents of missing baby Lisa Irwin again today.. This time *without* their permission. Police say they are no longer cooperating with police.

The trial of Conrad Murray resumes today in L.A.

Just for Jon Scott.. Lindsay Lohan has a court date!

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