Tuesday October 18, 2011 Happening Now

President speaking today at 11:20 at the YMCA at a community college in Jamestown, NC on jobs, education.

Secy Tim Geitner is testifying today about "The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010"..

Look for new developments today in the Fast and Furious scandal.. we'll hear from Sen Chuck Grassley, Sen Jon Cornyn and possibly AG Eric Holder

Catherine Herridge is investigating the Anthrax bio attack 10 years later. There is a hearing in the senate at 10am.

Carl Cameron is in Nevada ahead of the GOP debate.

Galid Shalit is back on Israeli soil after 5 years of captivity

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is *in* Libya!

Markets had a big sell-off yesterday.. keep an eye on markets today..

Lots of good guest segments today..

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