Thursday October 14, 2011 - Happening Now

Lots to talk about again today!

Learning new details of the Iranian plot to target America.

President holds a joint news conference with the President of South Korea today at Lee Mung-bak at 12:40. We'll be showing this live.

New Wall Street Journal polling out today. Among the headlines? Cain now the front-runner beating out Romney among republicans. President Obama’s approval still dismal, but hasn’t dropped anymore, and he still leads all the front runner Republicans in head to head matchups.

Awaiting a verdict in the capital murder trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky… jury is deliberating again this morning.

Manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray resumes in L.A. at 11:45

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the underwear bomber) will be sentenced in Jan. after pleading guilty yesterday to trying to bring down an American jetliner.

6 months ago today, nursing school student Holly Bobo disappeared. We will do a follow up.

6.2 earthquake hits near Bali, Indonesia.. dozens injured

5.3 earthquake hits Oregon

Trains collide in Jack London Square in Oakland, CA.. many injured

Shooting spree leaves 8 dead in Seal Beach, California. Suspect under arrest

Woman murdered in Maryland. 11 year old son is missing

Warren Buffett releases his tax rate.. 17%

Blackberry says service is (improving), but mine still doesn’t work! Does yours?