Wednesday October 12, 2011 Happening Now

Our lead today is the Iranian plot to attack the United States. The U.S. will reportedly use the news to go on a worldwide campaign to further isolate Iran. Not clear yet if there will be more repercussions, but nothing is reportedly off the table. The State Department is warning Americans around the world there is potential for terror attacks against U.S. interests including strikes in the U.S.

We've also learned the U.S. will hold informal talks with a North Korea representative next week.. to try and resolve the nuclear standoff.

The President speaks at 11:35EDT at a White House Forum on American Latino Heritage. Not expecting to take this unless we get some indication the President will address the Iranian plot.

Congress meets for business today after defeating the President's jobs bill in the Senate last night. Free trade deals with 3 countries expected to pass both houses soon. No word on the next steps for the jobs bill just yet.

Underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab trial resumes today at 9am.

Jurors begin deliberations in the trials of three NC men accused of plotting terror attacks on the U.S. Marine Corps base in Quantico, Va.

The manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray resumes in L.A. at 11:45 (approx)

We could get a verdict as soon as today in the capital murder trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky.

Carl Cameron wraps up last night's GOP debate. Mitt Romney appears to have solidified his lead. Analysts were not overly impressed with Gov Perry. Herman Cain took fire for his 999 plan.

Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Gary Johnson and Rick Santorum address the NH State House of Representatives in Concord, NH right before or during our show.

Hurricane Jova slamming Mexico as a Cat 2 storm with 100 mile per hour winds.

Israel has agreed to swap more than 1000 prisoners for the Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit being held for 5 years

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