Tuesday October 11, 2011 Happening Now

Busy day today.

President Obama heads to Pittsburgh, Pa where he will meet with his jobs council and then give a speech on jobs at 1:50. That jobs council (headed by CEO of GE) unveils its recommendations today including improving infrastructure and student loan repayment based on income.

Meantime, The Senate and House are back in session today. Look for the President's job plan to die in a test vote in the Senate in a series of votes beginning at 5:30. There isn't much hope the $447Billion dollar plan can get passed.

All the republican candidates are in New Hampshire today. There is a debate tonight at Dartmouth College. A new poll by the Harvard Institute of Politics with a double digit lead in N.H. It's seen as a huge test of Perry's electability and many will be focused on him and Romney tonight.

Several big trials to watch:

At 9am, the trial begins for accused underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab in Detroit.

The trial of Conrad Murray resumes at 11:45 our time. Jurors will hear the rest of the tapes of an interview the LAPD conducted with Dr Murray after Jackson's death.

The so-called "merchant of death" goes on trial in Manhattan . He's accused of selling weapons to terror groups.

And closing arguments begin in the home invasion and murder trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky. The jury could have the case by this afternoon.

As the Wall Street protests spread, Boston police arrested 50 protesters last night.

New accusations against the military rulers in Egypt. Getting ugly there.

We've got some really good guests today.

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