Monday October 10, 2011 Happening Now

Happy Columbus Day.

The President visits wounded service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center today at 12:45.

Candidates on the GOP side busy during our hours. Herman Cain in Tennessee, Jon Huntsman delivering a foreign policy speech in New Hampshire, Gary Johnson and Rick Santorum also in NH, and Mitt Romney holds a town hall in Milford, NH at noon.

Weekend riots in Cairo have left at least 23 dead. Muslim versus Christian violence is escalating, and worrisome.

In Libya, rebels have captured a convention center in one of the country's last holdouts.. Qaddafi's hometown of Sirte.

Two business headlines we should cover. Front page of NY Times says a new report shows median incomes dropped by nearly 10% in past two years. Also today we'll get Fannie Mae's Sept National Housing Survey.. Rich Edson on that story.

Keep an eye on Europe today. Over the weekend the leaders of France and Germany met and say they've got a comprehensive plan to deal with the problems of debt in countries from Greece to Portugal.. details in a few weeks.. Meantime, Greece being hit by another big strike.

Hurricane warnings in effect for parts of Mexico as Hurricane Jova heads for land.

We need to add a guest (local journalist or FBI profiler or criminologist-type) on the missing baby in Missouri. Baby Lisa disappeared a week ago and the story is not adding up. (Judge Jeanine not available)

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