Friday October 7, 2011 Happening Now

It was 10 years ago today that the War in Afghanistan began. We will run Jenna Lee's interview with the parents of the first soldier killed by enemy fire in Afghanistan. Very compelling. Conor Powell and Dominic Di-Natale are in Kabul for reporting from the ground, and we'll talk to Congressman Adam Smith about the war and how we end it with victory.

Jobs will be a huge story today. We get September's jobs numbers today at 8:30. Predictions for how many jobs were added are all over the place, but it's not likely to be great news. Here's what Jenna Lee had to say about the numbers,

"Economists say they expect anything from 50,000 jobs to 115,000 jobs added...

That's a HUGE, unusual range. Reading between the lines - no one knows what to the interpretations of the number when you see it tomorrow might be all over the map...

So just a word of caution w/ writing that says "the jobs report beat expectations...or disappointed..."...I'd just state the numbers and not refer to the estimates... "

These numbers come as Moody's downgraded a dozen UK banks, and we learned that England will pump billions into its ailing economy.

There is *snow* in parts of the Western U.S. today

Michael Jackson manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray should be interesting today. Prosecutors expected to play a police interview with Murray. Trial resumes at 11:45am.

Value Voters summit begins today. Rick Santorum to speak at 11am.

Herman Cain and Gary Johnson have events today in the Noon.

Happy 15th birthday Fox News Channel!

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