Thursday October 6, 2011 Happening Now

We begin today with the passing of a legend.. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has died at the age of 56. Our reporters take a look.

Sarah Palin says she will *not* run for President (sound on "On the Record" last night if we can find a place for it. So is the GOP field now set? We'll discuss.

New Quinnipiac polling out today shows the country is not pleased. President Obama sees his lowest-ever approval rating. A large majority of the country also says the economy is getting worse and is already in a recession.

Europe still teetering, and some are worried they could soon see a "Lehman Brothers moment" when the failure of a large institution starts a meltdown.. Meanwhile riots breaking out in Greece..

Here at home, the protests against Wall Street are growing. Yesterday Unions got involved and the protests are spreading to other cities. This could eventually have a political impact.

Senator Harry Reid suggesting a surtax of 5% on incomes of more than a $1Million.. is he feeling the pressure from the left?

We'll talk to presidential candidate Rick Santorum and maybe ask him a couple of "America's Asking" questions.

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