Wednesday October 5, 2011 Happening Now

Keep a close eye on Wall Street today. A late day rally helped U.S. markets, but there's new fears today about a 2nd European recession (see the front page of the NY Times) At just after 8am we'll get new ADP unemployment #'s..

Senate and House in session today. The Senate is resuming consideration of a bill that would punish China (among others) for manipulating its currency. The Senate also busy rewriting the President's jobs plan which has already been called D.O.A. in the House.

The Obama Administration also highlighting its record on illegal immigration. DHS Secy Napolitano to outline a crackdown on criminal illegal immigrants.. pointing to 3,000 arrests.

As the AP writes the manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray "moves into its CSI phase with jurors set to hear from investigators and detectives."

Keep an eye on the Wall Street protests today. Unions and other progressive groups will join the protests in NYC and other cities across the country.

Amanda Knox is home..

New polling out today from Quinnipiac.. good political fodder.

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