Tuesday October 4, 2011 Happening Now

Many eyes on Wall Street this morning. The Dow closed down more than 250 points yesterday, and futures point to another negative opening. We're seeing signs of a decline in manufacturing worldwide. Greece may soon be out of money, and traders are nervous. Oil also fell overnight. At 10am Ben Bernanke is testifying before the Joint Economic Committee on "Economic Outlook." Expect the question "Are we in a double dip recession?". We are flirting with a bear market.

The President is traveling to Texas today for a fundraiser. Meantime, there are growing questions over the Fast and Furious scandal.. New questions about what the Attorney General knew and when he knew it.

Amanda Knox on her way home to the U.S. as I write this. This as the Italians say they'll continue pursuing her. We'll talk with one of her lawyers.

The Conrad Murray trial resumes in L.A. Adam Housley is all over it. The focus today on phone records on the day Michael Jackson died.

There is a special election today in West Virginia. GOP looking to pick up a governor house.

The House is expected to pass a six-week funding bill today and send it to the President. More drama ahead.

There is a hearing by the House Intel Committee into cyber security threats. It's called "Cyber Threats and Ongoing Efforts to Protect the Nation." Former CIA director Michael Hayden testifying.. and we just happen to have on the author of "America the Vulnerable.. Inside the New Threat Matrix of Digital Espionage, Crime and Warfare."

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