Church Pays It Forward - Literally

Baskets are passed around churches and the usual practice is for people to place in envelopes with their tithe.

Last Sunday, Liquid Church in Morrison, NJ decided to change things.

They gave money back to their congregation. And not just a few dollars...$30,000.

$10, $20 and $50 bills were placed in envelopes labeled "God Trusts You!" Members of the congregation were called up to take an envelope.

"We challenged them to use it creatively," said Senior Pastor Tim Lucas, "to help their neighbors in need."

"People were shocked!" he said. "People thought they were going to struck by lightning."

As Americans are feeling stress and fear over the economy Liquid Church believes people shouldn't look to Washington but that God is the author of recovery.

Encouraging the congregation to multiply their "reverse tithe" Pastor Tim is hoping the congregation will help those hit hard by Hurricane Irene. They have even set up a webpage where people can brainstorm how to serve.

One woman in Hoboken works in a bakery and received an envelope with $50. She is using the money to buy the ingredients for a cake and then selling it for the usual store price of $500. The proceeds will go to help the homeless.

A man who works in a salon received $10 from the collection plate. He has decided to do 10 haircuts a day for 10 days. He us collecting $10 from each haircut and donating the $1,000 to Liquid Church's work in local community projects.

The church is in the process of releasing an additional $60,000 to help serve all three NJ counties where it conducts services: Essex, Middlesex and Morris counties.