Texas Clerk’s Quick Action Saves Baby’s Life

What started off as a normal day at work for one store clerk woman and a typical shopping trip for a young mother, ended up as a truly eventful day for both, My Fox Dallas-Fort-Worth reports.

Clerk's Quick Action Saves Baby’s Life:

Jane Margate, a clerk at The Children’s Place store in a Texas mall, had been working there for five years when she was faced with a dramatic situation- a frantic mother with a baby girl in her arms who was lifeless and choking.

She witnessed the young mother shouting, "My baby’s not breathing! My baby’s not breathing,"and then saw her lay the baby down and start to cry.

That’s when Margate stepped in and grabbed the baby, opened the baby’s mouth and started blowing air but noticed it would not go through. She then got down on the floor and worked hard to clear the baby’s airway.

Although untrained, she performed CPR and worked on cleaning the baby’s nose and throat and patted it on the back. She says she has witnessed her sister, a physician in the Philippeans, work with babies and that it’s possible this is where the idea came from.

She says she also just worked on impulse, “Hey this baby needs to breathe, because the baby was already blue.”

“I did not stop doing it until I heard the baby cry a very, very faint cry. I said, ‘Oh yes, now the baby is breathing,’” Margate told My Fox Dallas-Fort-Worth.

The paramedics arrived soon after to transport the infant to the hospital. They informed Margate that she had done an excellent job.

“Yesterday I saved a baby’s life. I felt like yesterday was my chance to say thank you to all the people who have helped me before,” said Margate who herself, is battling for her own life as a breast cancer patient having undergone three surgeries, including a double mastectomy.

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