California Man Reunited with Mom in Vietnam after 32 Years

Just in time before the Fall of Saigon, U.S. troops airlifted over 3,000 young children from Vietnam in a mission known as “Operation Babylift."

Those children were dispersed throughout the entire world, with little to no ties back to their families in Vietnam.

Over 30 years later, one of those kids, Johnathon Freeman, has found his mother whom he spent his entire life searching for, MyFoxLA reports.

“It was like I was seven years old again,” Freeman says about meeting the woman who gave him up when he was just seven in order to save his life. 

Freeman's persistence and determination, eventually led to finding his mother's contact information via the internet. 

A site created for the families of "Operation Babylift" listed the names of children given up at the time, where Freeman's sister spotted their Vietnamese names.

"It's never too late," Freeman says, "keep searching, keep searching, keep searching."

Freeman's mother still resides in Vietnam and he hopes to turn their story into a documentary.

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