Wednesday September 28, 2011 Happening Now

At 11:25 The President holds a live "Open for Questions" roundtable from the White House with Yahoo!, MSN Latino, AOL Latino and HuffPost LatinoVoices. It's an effort to reach out to Hispanic voters.. and young voters.

At 11am HHS Secy Sebelius makes an announcement on the big Health Care overhaul. Maybe she'll address the NYTimes piece today suggesting major health care insurance companies are dramatically increasing premiums.

The President continues a big push on education. We've got Arne Duncan on to ask some tough questions on education policy.

Chris Christie dominating morning news coverage with an impassioned talk last night at the Reagan Library. He's being pressured to get into the race. He again said he won't, but he did leave the door open .. a crack.

Mitt Romney holds a town hall in Goffstown, NH today at 11:45am. Carl Cameron is taking a closer look at the Romney campaign.

A big story breaks at 10am when William LaJeunesse will have new details on a crackdown on criminal illegal immigrants.. stay tuned.

The Conrad Murray trial in the death of Michael Jackson resumes in L.A.

There's a hearing today for Jared Loughner.. the suspect in the shooting of Rep Giffords.

13 now dead in that Listeria outbreak in the U.S. It's believed it's from bacteria-tainted cantaloupes. Jonathan Serrie covering.

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