Monday September 26, 2011 Happening Now

All of a sudden it feels like campaign 2012 has begun for real. The President came out swinging over the weekend telling workers to "take off their slippers" and get to work. He's on a several-state, several-day fundraising trip including stops in Seattle, San Diego and Silicon Valley. And he's got a much more combative message. Today at 2pm he participates in a LinkedIn town hall in Mountain View, CA.

Some surprises among the GOP field. Herman Cain winning a straw poll in Florida.. with analysts calling the results for Rick Perry and Michele Bachman shocking and disappointing. Ron Paul speaks in New Jersey at 12 today.

On Facebook tonight, The House "young guns" including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor will talk about the economy and technology..

The Senate today votes on a Democratic bill to extend gov't spending until November.. including 3.7B in FEMA funding for disasters. Expect more fireworks.. and we are again facing the possibility of gov't shutdown.

Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer back on U.S. soil and talking about their horrific experience in Iran.. We'll play some of Jenna's reporting in the 12, and talk to a guest about the threat from Iran.

Another attack on a U.S. compound in Kabul.. as new questions emerge about Pakistan as our "ally."

Pentagon extending efforts to make our defense networks safe from cyber attack.

European markets rebounding. We'll hope U.S. stocks do the same. Europe may be getting a littlcloser to more bailouts for Greece, etc.

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