Willow the Cat's Reunion With Family Gets Off to Shaky Start

It’s been a stressful week for Willow the cat who went missing from her Colorado home five years ago and turned up on the streets of New York City earlier this month.

As the cameras rolled for the exciting reunion between the cat and her family, Lauren, “Lola” Squire, 3,  had reached out to pet her new kitty when Willow nipped at her hand sending her immediately into tears.

“I think her feelings were hurt more than anything,” Lola’s mom, Jamie Squires told the New York Post of the reaction.

After the awkward moment was over the reunion continued and the family explained how Willow, described as “very dominate” will fit right back in at home with the family’s other pets.

The Squires had begun inserting microchips into their pets ever since they had adopted their first dog twelve years ago, which is what helped locate Willow five years after her disappearance.

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