Friday September 23, 2011 Happening Now

A lot of news today.

The Fox News/Google debate was fascinating. Many analysts say it was a strong performance by Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum getting some good press out of it this morning. We've got Newt Gingrich today to talk about some of his ideas for the country, and we talk to the unofficial head of the Tea Party movement Dick Armey about how he thinks the debate went and who he's rooting for.

Stocks continue to fall around the world after the worst 2 days on the Dow since 2008.. There are growing fears of not only a double dip recession, but that China may be in trouble too. The G20 is pledging to work together to save the global financial system. Sound familiar?

President Obama will announce today that he's allowing states to "opt-out" of "No-child left behind."

The House last night passed a CR bill and sent it to the Senate. The Senate has said it's "dead on arrival." The country is now facing another government shutdown.

Frightening testimony from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm Mike Mullen basically saying Pakistan was complicit in an attack last week on the U.S. embassy in Kabul. (we also heard some sobering comments on Pakistan from the candidates at the debate last night.) Pakistan today is vehemently denying the story.

Knox trial resumes w/ prosecutors wrapping up their case against her. Greg Burke covering

Solyndra execs are on Capitol Hill to testify today, but they've already said they will plead the 5th!

-- Clint Page Henderson

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