Thursday September 22, 2011 Happening Now

The Iranian president addresses the U.N. today at 12:30. We will take at least some of this live.

We'll ask what the release of Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer tells us about the situation in Iran.

The two Americans finally released by Iran spend their first day of freedom today.

Tonight is the big FoxNews/Google debate! Already Mitt Romney and Rick Perry throwing mud at each other. New Quinnipiac polling out today shows Perry with a lead in FLORIDA..

A surprising defeat for the CR in the House yesterday. GOP today regroups to try and figure out a way forward. Few want a gov't shutdown right now.

The Feds move to spur the economy yesterday.. sent the Dow down by more than 250 points.. but really sent the message loud and clear that the economy remains in trouble.

The President travelling to Ohio and Kentucky to push his jobs bill (the home territory of Boehner and McConnell).

Troy Davis executed last night.

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