How Clean Are Kids' Playgrounds?

On the show today we spoke to Dr. Erin Carr Jordan, a child psychologist and mother of four. She's been hoofing it around the country, test-swabbing playgrounds in restaurants to see how clean they are. Lots of them aren't looking too good. She dug a little deeper to find out why so many are so filthy and was surprised by the answer. There are no federal or state laws regulating the cleanliness of these playgrounds. Now she wants that changed.

This whole experiment started while she was at her local McDonald's, so we reached out to the corporate level to see how they view things. This is what Dayna Proud, a spokespoeron for McDonald's USA said:

"We put our customers first, and are taking these concerns very seriously. We've spoken with Dr. Carr-Jordan and assigned a team to review the report findings and our own existing procedures.

While we have stringent sanitizing procedures for weekly, daily and even spot cleaning, we're always looking for ways to improve our standards and how they are followed at each restaurant."

If you're interested in learning more about Dr. Carr Jordan's movement, go to