Trina's Tid Bits - Thurs. Sept. 15th

Trina is in for Clint this week and here are some of the big stories she's mapped out for our show today...

The UAW has extended contracts with GM and Chrysler after they were unable to reach a deal by last night's deadline of 1159pm...

Talks resume at 8am Republicans aren't the only ones resisting Obama's jobs proposal-now some dems are speaking out against the plan.

Weekly jobs numbers are out this morning at 830am.

New data from RealtyTrac Inc shows foreclosures have reached a 9 month high...number of foreclosures jumped 7 percent from July to August.

A new Bloomberg poll shows Americans think the blame for problems in Washington falls largely on republicans: 45% blame congressional Republicans for the problems in Washington; 20% blame Obama and 19% blame Congressional Democrats.

Switzerland's UBS says unauthorized trading by a rogue trader has lost the bank $2 billion-share down 8 percent at the open

The Treasury Department has now launched its own investigation into the Solyndra stimulus loan.

Remains have been found in search for missing Utah mom Susan Powell - authorities haven't even said if the remains were female yet-the investigation continues today.

People in the southwest got quite a show last night as a bright light streaked across the sky in the region-experts say it was likely a piece of an asteroid.

For The Philly fans out there - some good news - they are the first team to reach the playoffs this season in a win over Houston last night.