Big Stories on Wednesday Sept. 14

GOP wins Anthony Weiner's house seat with a Bob Turner

victory in the NY special election.

U.S. embassy attack in Kabul is over...all 20 assailants

are dead...the assault killed 7 Afghans-now questions are being raised about

how the country will fare when U.S. and allied troops pull out.

Federal government is set to release report detailing what

caused BP oil spill as early as today.

Iran's judiciary is now denying reports that the release

of U.S. hikers is imminent.

A Pakistan intelligence official says Al-Zawahri (bin Laden's al Qaeda replacement) is now hiding in Yemen or Somalia.

National Guard helicopters have been called in to help

firefighters in Minnesota fight a wildfire now blazing across more than 100,000


The NTSB is now recommending a ban on all cell phones

(handheld or hands-free) for all commercial drivers in the U.S.

Police searching again for missing Utah mom Susan

Powell-they say information learned in the investigation into her disappearance

points to the possibility they may find something in the new search area.

A newly released Bloomberg poll (conducted Sept 9th-12th)

shows Americans disapprove Obama's handling of the economy by 62-33 percent (9

percent increase in disapproval number 6 months ago.