Tuesday, Sept. 13th - LOTS of news!

GOP presidential candidates went after Gov. Rick Perry at Monday night's debate in Tampa...specifically pressing him on Social Security views, the HPV vaccine and his 2001 decision allowing children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state college tuition

A report that Ahmadinejad says the U.S. hikers jailed in Iran will be released this week

Al Qaeda has released a new video marking 10 years since 9/ it, Al Zawahri (new AQ chief) praises uprisings in Arab world and has some warnings for Americans

Four men charged with slavery at a travelers caravan site in England due in court today

A search today in southern California for an 8-year-old autistic boy who ran away from his school playground at around 11am yesterday

New York special election to replace Anthony Weiner is today...polls close at 9pm-Eric Shawn is covering...

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