Big Stories on Monday Sept. 12

1030am: President Obama is making remarks in the Rose Garden on the need for Congress to pass the American Jobs Act. He will announce that he will be sending the bill to Congress tonight.

GOP presidential contenders Rick Perry and Mitt Romney meet for their second debate in a week in Tampa at 8pm tonight.

The secret service is investigating some threatening posts to The White House's Facebook page...the messages threaten an attack against the U.S. on 11/9/2011

We'll keep a close eye on the markets today...the Dow closed down 304 points on Friday-U.S. stock futures are signaling more losses

More than 1,500 homes have been destroyed in the Texas wildfire and it still rages on...17 people are missing (authorities say those people may just be out of town).

7 of 10 oil workers missing in the gulf of Mexico have been found alive (2 of them are Americans) two bodies were also found and searchers are still looking for one more person.

The only hockey player to survive that Russian plane crash has died.

A new report today saying watching "Sponge Bob" can negatively affect kids' attention spans.