Tuesday September 6, 2011 Happening Now

We’ve got some great guests and lots of developing stories today.

As the President prepares for a major jobs speech, he woke up to ugly headlines from *both* the WSJ/NBC *and* NYT/ABC News. Both show the President’s approval ratings and his handling of the economy at or below his all time lows. A democratic pollster says he’s no longer the favorite to win re-election. Ouch.

In Texas, wildfires have pulled Rick Perry off the campaign trail. 5000 evacuated. Nearly 500 homes burned. Strong winds and drought conditions making things worse. In Southern California there are also 3 fires burning. A dozen homes destroyed.

The remnants of what was known as Hurricane Lee spawning twisters and flooding rains from the Gulf all the way to the Northeast.

Keep a close eye on the markets today. It was a bloodbath in Asia and Europe on Monday. Stocks have recovered somewhat in European trading today, but it’s the first time U.S. markets will be open since the sell off here on Friday.

Speaking of bloodbaths, The U.S. Postmaster General testifies today on Cap Hill. The Post Office is broke. Drastic action is needed.

Mitt Romney unveils his economic plan today.

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