Illegal Immigrant Allegedly Tricked Out of $3M Lottery Win Will Collect Prize

An illegal immigrant allegedly swindled out of his $3 million lottery jackpot win will finally collect his prize, the Daily Mail reports.

The man won the jackpot after purchasing a lottery scratch card at N&K Quick Pick in Spring Valley, N.Y., on Feb. 3. 

Three of the store's workers had allegedly tricked the man by telling him he'd be deported if he tried to collect his winnings. 

"When he presented the ticket, they scared the hell out of him," Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe told the Daily Mail. 

Atif Ali, 22, Riaz Khan, 45, and Mubeen Ashraf, 22, tried to convince the man that he should name them all as co-purchasers, according to prosecutors. The three then allegedly claimed the money and cut the man out of the deal, the website reports.

Zugibe told the website that the man is entitled to cash in on the prize even though he is an undocumented immigrant. 

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