Monday August 29, 2011 Happening Now

Good riddance to Irene. But the troubles she leaves behind aren't over. Millions remain without power. Mass transit just beginning to come online. Airports reopening, but thousands of travelers are stranded. Then there's the flooding. Some rivers in NY and New England are at record levels and rising in some cases. Damage estimates still coming in, but are likely to reach into the billions. At least 24 are dead. Irene will dominate our coverage today.

New analysis of polling from AP suggests President Obama is losing support among key constituents including whites, women, young voters and liberals.

The man behind the Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am Flight 203 is reportedly in a coma and on death's door in Libya. No one will treat him.

Another crackdown going on in Syria.

There is a mutant strain of bird flu making another appearance in China and Vietnam. Maybe we can get an A-teamer to weigh in.

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