Friday August 26th, 2011 Happening Now

Good morning! Here are some stories we'll be covering with reporters/guests today...obviously Irene is the big story-lets make use of live pics as often as possible-also we should have the storm tracker up in a box on the screen throughout the show when possible. Rick Folbaum is in for jon and jenna lee will be anchoring from DC.

Irene is a Cat 3 storm right now with winds of 115mph...the storm is over warm waters again this morning which could help strengthen its intensity...North Carolina's outer banks are seeing 6 to 9 foot waves where the storm is expected to make first landfall saturday. 8 people in florida have been injured and hundreds of thousands along the coast have been told to evacuate. 6 states have declared a state of emergency (NY, CT, NJ, MD, NC and VA)

The dedication ceremony for the MLK memorial has been postponed until Sept or Oct because of had been scheduled for this sunday-the 48th anniversary of King's "I have a dream" speech

In Libya, a horrific scene with bodies "littering the streets" after intense fighting-dozens of decomposing bodies piling up at an abandoned hospital in tripoli-meantime, Qaddafi's ex-number 2 says he's in talks with opposition forces to create a new nationalist political party and is eyeing a role in a post-qaddafi libya-qaddafi himself remains defiant

At 830am we get 2nd quarter 2011 GDP numbers and at 955am we'll get consumer sentiment info

World stocks a bit unsteady this morning as investors wait to hear what Fed chairman Ben Bernanke has to say about the US economy...he is in Jackson Hole, WY to give a speech (I'm told at 10am)-we'll see if he has a plan to avoid another recession...oil prices are just below 85 dollars a barrel

A new AP/GFK poll out today shows republicans are more satisfied with gop presidential field than in june

The death toll is climbing in a northern mexico casino where gunmen spread gasoline and ignited a fire that trapped and killed at least 53 gamblers and employees yesterday afternoon

After 2 years since she disappeared, the investigation into what happened to missing Utah mom Susan Powell is heating up...investigators combed through the home of her husband, Josh, yesterday and removed some items they say are "very very important to the investigation"

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