Why 7 States Could Determine The 2012 Election

Larry Sabato is the Director of the Center of Politics at the University of Virginia and joined us on the show today.

In his Crystal Ball column (out today) he analyzes the Electoral College and explains how we already know how many states will vote in 2012.

His key points:

-States have become more politically divided than in the past.

-The only "mega states" up for grabs in 2012 are Florida & Ohio.

-Unless something BIG happens between now and election day we already know how 33 states + DC will vote.

-10 states lean one way or another...and if the election is close...they will likely vote for the party they lean towards.

-7 toss-up states with a total of 85 electoral votes are key to winning in 2012: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio and Virginia.