Thursday August 25, 2011 Happening Now

There is SO much news today.

Hurricane Irene now a strong category 3 storm.. smashing into the Bahamas. Already there are reports of major damage. The storm's current path puts it on track to hit the outer banks of the Carolinas before hitting Long Island. Tens of millions potentially impacted. Hurricane watch already issued for parts of North Carolina.

An aftershock rattled nerves in Virginia this AM. The Washington Monument damage worse than originally thought.

We get weekly jobless claims numbers this AM. We're also taking a closer look at back to school spending.

Foreclosures made up 31% of home sales this past Spring.. not good.

Rick Perry the new national frontrunner in polls.

New AP polling shows Americans' outlook on the economy has eroded even further.

NY Times has obtained a copy of fmr VP Dick Cheney's new book. Among the bombshells? He urged Pres Bush to bomb a Syrian nuke site.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has stepped down. Among the comparisons I've heard? This generation's Thomas Edison. Keep an eye on Apple stock today.

That train ax in Calif back under control. Residents returning home. Good BND follow-up.

Still no sign of Moammar Qaddafi, but 4 Italian journalists being held have been released.

A report that an American kidnapped in Pakistan have been freed was apparently erroneous though some kind of operation did take place.

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