Wednesday August 24, 2011 Happening Now

Good Morning!

Everyone still talking about the great quake of 2011. Jenna Lee and I are giggling a little over this because we've experienced much worse in California, but let's not downplay the significance of this quake. Aftershocks continue to rattle nerves, and there is widespread minor damage, and some injuries. The Washington Monument is closed due to cracking. It's also important to point out homes and buildings on the East Coast not really designed to survive quakes. Hopefully we'll learn a lot about quakes from this 5.8 shaker. And while the chances are small, this could be a foreshock. Remember Christchurch? Lots of questions for our quake guests today.

Meantime, another natural disaster in the works for the East Coast. Hurricane Irene now a Cat 2 and is expected to become a major hurricane later today. We'll get an updated track at 11am. Evacuations already under way for some coastal islands. Heavy rains at the very least expected for much of the East Coast.

We still don't know where Moammar Qaddafi is hiding. He released an audio message calling for loyalists to keep fighting to "free Tripoli from the devils." A cautionary note there is STILL fighting going on. Qaddafi forces firing on some towns with missiles, and several journalists are still being held at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli. This story is not over.

A judge in Alabama today will decide the fate of what is perhaps the toughest illegal immigration law in the nation.

Great Breaking News desk opportunity: A burning rail car in Northern California threatening to explode.. 4,800 evacuated.

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