On Happening Now today, Meteorologist Janice Dean gave a warning to folks in the northeast: Prepare for Hurricane Irene! We Northeasterners aren't used to hurricanes (or earthquakes for that matter), so the only thing I can recommend is to heed her warning.

She also mentioned that friends and co-workers have been e-mailing her, asking what their weekend at the Hamptons will be like. She recommended calling off their trips. (She also suggested bagging any trips to the New Jersey shore which was bad news for one of the Happening Now producers!) For those of you not from the New York City area, the Hamptons is an area far out on the tip of Long Island known for its small town feel, high profile crowds, and beautiful beaches.

Yours truly was actually out there last weekend, so I can attest, it has to be hard to cancel a weekend in the Hamptons. I got to go to a party thrown by Elle Magazine and Dolce & Gabbana The One in honor of Fall's 25 Hottest Sensations In Popular Culture. What does that mean?

Spending a beautiful night watching clips from some cool-looking movies, checking out some hot new shows starting this fall, and getting a close up of the Muppets! Did you know they have a new movie coming out? I didn't! (FYI - that's me in the red box.)

Photo: Billy Farrell Agency

And how could I forgot my favorite part...dessert!

Photo: Billy Farrell Agency

Looks pretty nice, huh? So if Janice Dean is telling people to stay away from the Hamptons this weekend...you know it must be pretty important warning!