Monday August 22, 2011 Happening Now

It's the end of the road for Qaddafi. While he is not in rebel hands yet, rebels say they control 95% of the country. Reports from inside Tripoli are sketchy, but one thing is clear. The Libyan people believe they are free after some 41 years of the dictator's rule.

NATO has combat air patrols over Tripoli and is helping the rebels with intelligence and more. Clashes are ongoing in the Libyan capital and pro-Qaddafi tanks have fired on rebels outside Qaddafi's main compound.. Dramatic stuff. This will likely be "rolling-thunder"-style coverage today. We are awaiting a comment from the President, and will be awaiting and watching through the full two hours today.

Also keep a close eye on the markets. European indexes are substantially higher. Gold hit an all-time record. Keep an eye on the price of oil.

A new survey of economists shows they believe the best way to reduce the deficit is through spending cuts alone.. including Medicare and Medicaid.

Hurricane Irene is now smacking into Puerto Rico with 75 mph winds. It's expected to hit the DR and Haiti before possibly heading for the U.S.!

The public gets the first look at the new Martin Luther King Junior memorial today.

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