Friday August 19, 2011 Happening Now

It's going to be another very busy day.

Markets around the world intensifying the sell-off we saw yesterday. European banks are plunging right now (again), oil is selling off, gold is surging, and fears are growing.. Dow futures pointing to another steep drop at the open here in the U.S.

Bank of America to lay off some 10,000 people!

There is reporting this A.M. that the U.S. will suspend deportations of illegals who haven't committed crimes... Is this a backdoor amnesty?

The President is on vacation in Martha's Vineyard. But before he left he called for the resignation of the Syrian leadership, and dramatically increased sanctions.

Russia today saying they do not support the West on Syria.. Meantime, Syria intensifying a brutal crackdown on protests. Syrian security forces reportedly shooting and killing two people and are carrying out arrests across the country. Meantime, Syria has been up to no good here in the U.S.

Is the Libyan dictator Qaddafi preparing to flee Libya? Tripoli is surrounded and NBC News is reporting Qaddafi is preparing an exile in Tunisia.

In Afghanistan the Taliban has launched an attack on the British compound in Kabul. At least 10 dead.

Another outbreak of violence in Pakistan.

Keep an eye on Israel where rockets are being fired from Palestinian territories and Israel is responding with airstrikes.

Major quake hits japan (again). No Tsunami.

--Clint Henderson

Clint Henderson is the Executive Producer for “Happening Now” and an avid traveler. Follow his adventures on Twitter, ClintPHenderson, and Instagram, clintpage1.