Wednesday August 17, 2011 Happening Now

The President wraps up his bus tour today with two town halls.. both in Illinois. We may be getting a sneak peak at some of the arguments the President is making to be reelected. The first town hall is at 12:45 in Atkinson, IL.. We'll probably just show and go on this, but make sure we say it's streaming live on!

The GOP candidates are out on the road today.. mostly in New Hampshire.. the only live event for us is a Rick Perry business roundtable at Resonetics in Nashua, NH at 11:30.. We'll show and go.

Meantime, the Perry campaign dealing with the harsh spotlight that is the national media.. but his entry has certainly reinvigorated the race.

James Rosen has a great story today about the differences between Rick Perry and the Bush family.. interesting stuff.

Democrats beat back two Republicans in Wisconsin recall elections last night, but the GOP retains control.

Check out the fiery comments from Hillary Clinton on Syria.. we should find an opportunity to hear from her..

Meantime.. many now suggesting Qaddaffi's days are numbered.. as rebels continue to tighten the noose around Tripoli..

Did you guys hear about that gruesome shark attack? Horrific story. Check it out.

And is your life ticking away every time you turn on the TV? We'll take a look.

Also early head's up on tomorrow? Did you know that 1 in 9 businesses has been hit by a so-called "flash mob"? Shocking stat.. we'll investigate for tomorrow.

Clint Henderson--

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