Tuesday August 16, 2011 Happening Now today!

The President continues his tour of the Midwest today in Iowa.. He'll hold a White House Rural Economic Forum in Peosta, IA today at 12:50.. he's hitting Congress hard in comments so far. He's asking voters to call their representatives to demand action on jobs.. but he's been heckled a few times too (see dramatic exchange with tea party member)

The GOP field meantime is really taking shape. With nastiness already beginning between Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann.

Financial support is "pouring" in to Perry's campaign, and many political analysts say he's the man to beat right now.

Meantime, he had what some are calling his first gaffe of the campaign so far.. apparently some of his comments on "printing money" have a few people upset.

Speaking of the fed and your money.. Moody's Analytics has slashed its outlook for the the United States economy..

Meantime we learned today that Germany's economy came to a near-standstill in the second quarter. Big meeting btw Germany and France over the debt crisis over there today. Keep a close eye on the markets.

Lots more spot news.. stay tuned.


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