Monday August 15th, 2011 - Today on Happening Now

Lots to talk about this morning..

President Obama kicks off a bus tour in Minnesota today. He'll eventually head to Iowa. President trying to shore up some support after a brutal series of polls including a new Gallup poll showing the president has just a 39% approval rating.

Speaking of Iowa, it was a very big weekend. Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll and becomes one of the front runners. TX Gov Rick Perry stealing some of the thunder of Iowa with an announcement from South Carolina that he's officially in the race. Tim Pawlenty made a last stand in Iowa, and didn't do well enough. He's out of the race.

Several events today: Rick Perry at Iowa state fair in the 12, Mitt Romney holding a forum on the economy in New Hampshire at 11:45.

Markets overseas getting a big pop this morning after a better-than-expected GDP # from Japan. Futures are pointing to a better day in the U.S..

But take a look at today's WSJ.. World Bank President said we are "entering a new danger zone". Keep a close eye on headlines out of Europe.

In other news,

Indiana state fair re-opens today with a moment of silence.. after an horrific accident.. caught on tape. A stage collapsed during the fair killing five people. We'll talk to a witness.

More than a dozen Iraqi cities hit with bomb attacks today... at least 56 dead.

In Syria.. Assad now using navy ships against his own people.

British PM is blaming "moral collapse" for the riots in England last week.

New reports that Pakistan let China see and photograph that chopper that crashed during the UBL raid.. today we ask if Pakistan is friend or foe?

An increasingly desperate Libyan leader Qaddafi takes the airwaves as rebels take more ground.--

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