Is it 2008 or 2011?

Good Morning.

Is it 2008 or 2011?

It’s a good question to consider in our coverage today. To many Americans it is likely beginning to feel like groundhog day… Banks on the edge, markets in freefall, politicians struggling to catch up (or worse), we could go on.. Yesterday’s plunge of more than 500 points in the Dow adding to the fears. Analysts say it’s not 2008.. but it doesn’t matter if it *feels* like 2008.

European markets are mixed this morning.. and so far U.S. futures are higher. We’ll be watching like a hawk and have a good mix of guests today.

Keep a close eye on bank stocks today, and the price of gold.

We’ll also ask our panel if what David Buik said yesterday is true, “"excessive debt could lead to the demise of democracy."

Check out an amazing piece Rick Folbaum wrote for our blog “Too much News.” Great read.

Police are right now raiding houses over the UK Riots amidst a crackdown.. mostly quiet overnight, but Jason Palancia put together a great “sights and sounds” natsound package we can run in our coverage. Thanks Jason!

The president is in Michigan today to talk jobs..

We get weekly unemployment #’s today.. important number today.

Big debate tonight and FOX News is the host (along with Washington Examiner and the Iowa GOP).. we’ll look at the live pix with “awaiting” banners and lots of teases.

Good BND right now.. F-18 goes down off coast of CA.. 2 pilots rescued.. good news! --

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