Possible IED Discovered on Oklahoma Gas Line

Oklahoma bomb teams removed what is believed to be an Improvised Explosive Device from a gas line in Okfuskee, a small town about 30 miles east of Oklahoma City, authorities said.

The device appeared to have a timing mechanism and was removed Wednesday morning by a robot. Authorities say they are in the process of rendering the device safe. It is considered small and would not have likely caused substantial damage, Clay Simmonds, a special agent for the FBI in Oklahoma City. 

"We're conducting an investigation," he said. "This initially looks like someone just trying to get in the spotlight."

The device was found “in the middle of nowhere” and there was no need to force evacuations, the Oklahoma City media coordinator said. But a portion of State Highway 27 was closed and the gas line was drained as a precaution.

Authorities hope to find evidence on the device that could lead to arrests.