Today on Happening Now

World stock markets recuperating today after yesterday's plunge... futures suggest U.S. will follow suit-we'll keep a close watch

Federal Reserve meets today...all eyes on what it will do to ease market turmoil

President Obama announces new fuel efficiency standards at 11am today in Springfield, VA

More violence across the pond as U.K. riots spread from London to 3 other major British cities

Nationwide manhunt for the "Dougherty gang" continues with tips leading police to Georgia and Tennessee

Maid who accused DSK of sexual assault filed civil suit yesterday as prosecutors are still trying to decide whether to drop criminal charges or take him to trial

After nearly 200 years, the House page program is ending...Boehner and Pelosi say the Internet and email have left pages with little to do and the 5 million dollar expense can no longer be justified

Philadelphia police are enforcing a strict curfew for minors in an effort to put an end to flash mob problem

Syrian tanks enter town near Turkish border expanding its offensive

The jury that convicted Warren Jeffs of child sex assault could hand down his punishment today

American endurance swimmer who set out to swim florida straits throws in the towel after 29 hours into the marathon swim--

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