Today on Happening Now - courtesy of Trina!

Economy obviously the big news today-yesterday the dow dropped more than 500 points-thats the biggest point drop in one day sine 2008

Today, global markets are falling-not only because of fears U.S. might be headed back to recession but because of European debt crisis-palkot covers from London

July jobs numbers out at 830am...we'll see what THAT does to Wall Street

1245pm today: Joint Economic Committee holds a full committee hearing on "The Employment Situation: July 2011"

At 11am the President talks about returning veterans to the workforce

A new NYT/CBS news poll shows a record 82 percent disapproval rating of how congress is doing its job (highest level since they started asking that question in 1977)

Warren Jeffs has been convicted of child sex assault-now a jury decides his sentence...prosecutors are asking for life in prison

Libyan rebels say a NATO night raid killed Qaddafi's son Khamis and 32 others

The Muslim Brotherhood holds demonstration in Tahrir square in support of arab people...Reena Ninan interviewed head of Muslim Brotherhood-could have good stuff-including reaction to the Mubarak trial

The Senate takes up a bill to end 2 week partial shutdown of the FAA

TS Emily fell apart-now just a low pressure system but still threatens Haiti with heavy rains and flooding

Check your freezer-fed officials warn some homes/stores may still have contaminated ground turkey

1134am unmanned atlas rocket -"Juno" launches live on NASA TV

Time flies when you're having marks one year since Chile mine collapsed --

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