HAPPENING NOW AUG 4, 2011 - Note from the senior producer

Happy Birthday to President Obama.. He turns the big 5-0!

Big day with lots of different stories for us.. nice to add back in some variety to our diet!

One big theme today though remains the economy.

We get weekly unemployment #’s today.. .. with everyone really looking forward to tomorrow’s #’s.

Markets ended the day higher yesterday snapping an 8 day losing streak.. but don’t expect any miracles today.

Larry Sabato joins us with his *new* Crystal Ball predictions.. this is going to be good.

Tropical Storm Emily is making landfall in Haiti as I write this.. Steve Harrigan is there, and the storm then heads for Florida.

More stifling heat across the nation.. those poor people in Dallas! Another 100+ day..

The USDA is recalling 36 MILLION pounds of ground turkey from Cargill.. no healthy meals for you!

The brutal crackdown by the Syrians on their own people intensifies again today..

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