Idaho Man Reportedly Banned From Wearing Bunny Suit in Public

An Idaho man banned from wearing a bunny suit in public might have a legitimate constitutional complaint under the First Amendment freedom of expression, the ACLU said Wednesday.

William Falkingham, 34, was told by police he could no longer wear the suit around his Idaho Falls neighborhood after neighbors complained he was frightening children.

The Idaho Falls Police Department received complaints on Monday that a man in a black bunny suit was hiding behind a tree and scaring small children, according to the station. One neighbor also reportedly told police that the individual pointed his finger like a gun at her son. Authorities then responded to the scene and told Falkingham he could no longer wear the costume in public.

The local ACLU chapter told on Wednesday that Falkingham's right to free expression may have been violated.

"On its face, he may have a constitutional claim under freedom of expression," said Monica Hopkins, executive director for the Boise chapter of the ACLU.

But Hopkins said the specifics of the case would need to be further investigated and that the ACLU is not planning to get involved.

"We have not been contacted by the individual and as of right now," she said, "we have no plans to get involved."'s Cristina Corbin and the Associated Press contributed to this report