The Florida State Attorney's Office wants Casey Anthony to cover the costs -- more than $140,000 -- incurred in relation to her prosecution, according to documents revealed Thursday.

Anthony was found not guilty earlier this month of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee in a high-profile trial that gripped the nation. Since her release from Orange County Jail in Orlando, Fla., on July 17, after spending nearly three years behind bars, her whereabouts have been unknown.

Anthony was convicted of four counts of giving false information to police officers, but because of time already served and other factors, she was set free.

On Thursday, prosecutors filed 281 pages of documents detailing a range of expenses related to her trial -- including airfares and hotel accommodation for witnesses, and payments to experts -- totaling $141,362, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The State Attorney's Office wants Anthony to pay for its prosecution and investigative costs and intends to address the matter at a hearing Aug. 25.

The $141,362 bill does not cover all expenses associated with Anthony's case.

Earlier in the week, it was revealed that work done by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation came to around $82,000.

Expenses incurred by the Orange County Sheriff's Office, which headed the investigation, have yet to be submitted.