Everyone Is a Winner in New York's Gay Marriage Lottery

New York's City Hall announced Thursday that it will marry all 823 couples who entered a hastily organized contest for the right to utter, "I do," on Sunday -- the state' first day of same-sex marriages, the New York Post reports.

The city originally planned the lottery to whittle an expected flood of applicants down to 764 spots across the five borough's marriage bureaus.

But with only 59 extra couples to accommodate, officials simply expanded the capacity for the Manhattan office on Worth Street from 400 to 459.

A new lottery will now be used to determine which couples get their first choice of Manhattan -- and which get relegated to open spots in the outer boroughs. Those results should be finalized by noon Friday, according to City Hall.

City Hall aides John Feinblatt and Jonathan Mintz will have New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg officiate their wedding on Sunday night.